GAT Radical Mass Weight Gainer Chocolate Milkshake 12 lbs

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Looking to pack on real mass and muscle, pack on pounds of lean, dense muscle and improve your performance?

Look no further than GAT RADICAL MASS premium weight gainer. It's the perfect choice for maximizing protein synthesis for improved nutrient upload and recovery.

GAT RADICAL MASS is a massive step forward! Its unique Whey Matrix in a Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolate blend provides a whopping 40 grams of high quality proteins. It mixes easily and tastes great.

This deliciously flavored rich milkshake yields a HUGE 1350 calories and only 17 grams of fat! It's fortified with key nutrients and electrolytes at a 6:1 carb-to-protein ratio.

Get the mass-gaining calories you need.