surfboard 275*76*12cm AQUA MARINA BREEZE inflatable SUP stand up paddle board fishing kayak boat leg leash seat foldable dinghy|Surfing

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Model: BREEZE Brand: Aqua Marina BREEZE sup board by AQUA MARINA275*76*12cm board net weight is around 7.3kg, easy to carry with; max load is 95kg in weight, fit both man and woman. Cheap price, basic version, good choice for new learners. it is inflatable, and sure foldable; you can fold it and pack it in bag, which you can shoulder or drop it in the car trunk. Include double action high pressure inflation pump, slide-in central fin, magic shoulder bag, leash, repair kit we offer a range of different paddles for your choices. high backrest seat is optional, it is compatile with model BREEZE board. Different sets for ChoiceA) board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+General aluminium paddle A) board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+seat+General aluminium paddle B)  board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+seat+SPORT III aluminium paddle C)  board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+seat+ Dual Tech double-blade paddle D)  board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+seat+ Carbon Guide paddle E)  board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+seat+ Carbon Guide paddle*2 F)  board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+seat+ Carbon Pro paddle G)  board+pump+carry bag+Fin+Leash+seat+ Carbon Pro paddle*2 Product Accessory PADDLES window.adminAccountId=202201062;